Opening Plenary: Calgary 2.0: The Evolution of Our City

Wednesday, November 7 • 8:00am–9:00am • EB $40/REG $50 • Palomino D/E

W01 – Opening Plenary: Calgary 2.0: The Evolution of Our City

[Culture & Community, Innovation &Technology, Health & Wellness]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD ]

Calgary – it’s one hell of a town. An economic downturn combined with a surge in economic diversification and outside of the box thinking, has created the spirit of an underdog in Calgary. With a renewed sense of optimism, and a myriad of achievements under their belt, the city is poised to take on the next generation of the world economy.

In this morning plenary, General Manager of Urban Strategy at the City of Calgary, Rollin Stanley, will address how this next generation economy is being considered in the planning of our city. Recognizing the migration, demographic, and cultural shifts the city is experiencing, Rollin will expand on how these trends are changing the composition of the city.

Urban centers around North America have shifted focus to deal with technological change. Rollin will explore these technological changes in context of how it’s impacting the way we design and build and how the physical design of older cities matches up with the future.

7:15am–8:00am - Registration, Networking & Continental Breakfast
8:00am - Keynote

Rollin Stanley

Rollin Stanley, General Manager, Urban Strategy, City of Calgary

Rollin Stanley has worked in four major metropolitan areas in North America, in urban, suburban and rural environments as well as distressed and booming urban areas. Since 2012 he has led both the Planning, Development and Assessment Department and now the Urban Strategy Department for The City of Calgary, where he is looking at major real estate plays and strategic building opportunities in the city. Prior to coming to Calgary in 2012, he led planning departments in the suburbs of Washington D.C. and the City of St. Louis and worked as an urban planner in Toronto.