The PerformEX Stage

Wednesday, November 8 • 10:00am–12:00pm • $65 • Tradeshow Floor

W07 – Building Renewable Energy Beyond Photovoltaics: Targets, Metrics and Trends

[Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment, New Products, Technologies, Innovations & Materials, Project Planning, Management & Best Practices, Property Management, Facility Management & Building Maintenance]

[ 2 AAA Structured LHs • 2 BOMI CPDs • 1 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

With the federal renewable energy targets, compliance to NECB, and every individual’s responsibility to preserve our planet and its resources, the opportunity to transform the way we use energy has never been greater.

This session will offer an introduction to various alternate and renewable energy systems, including:

  • Photovoltaic installations
  • Solar concentrated hot water plants
  • Solar hot water installation
  • Biomass and landfill
  • Natural gas in CCHP installations
  • Fuel cell installations
  • Run-off the river hydro
  • Wind generation

An overview of capital and operational expenditure will be provided, as well as trends and selection metrics to assist professionals in making informed decisions. Following this presentation, participants will understand:

  • Renewable targets for 2020, 2030 and 2050 in Alberta.
  • Achievable renewable energy options for the built environment.
  • Metrics for selecting the most suitable option.

Sunny Ghataurah

Mo Khan

Sunny Ghataurah, President & CEO, AES Engineering
Mo Khan, Project Manager, AES Engineering

Sunny Ghataurah is one of Western Canada’s leading electrical engineers and has 6 years of experience as an electrician and more than 20 years of experience in the electrical design and construction administration of a wide range of electrical systems. He is skilled in designing high voltage installations, power systems, lighting, fire alarm systems, generators, fire pumps and control & communication systems. Sunny has become a leader in the implementation of ASHRAE & NECB on all types of projects. In addition, his portfolio includes more than 100 LEED projects, three Living Buildings and several regenerative projects.

Mo Khan is the renewables specialist at AES Engineering having designed and commissioned numerous photovoltaic installation projects. As an electrical engineer, Mo has successfully completed more than 250,000 m2 of corporate head office facilities. Mo pushes the boundaries on green and sustainable building initiatives, striving for innovation, energy-efficiency, technological advancements and professionalism on all his projects.

Wednesday, November 8 • 12:30pm–2:00pm • $55 • Tradeshow Floor

W12 – Northern Climate Passive House Institutional Building: Valley View Town Hall

[Building Code & Envelope Solutions; Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment]

[ 1.5 AAA Structured LHs • 1.5 BOMI CPD ]

Passive House is a demanding standard and achieving it in northern climates has been thought to be challenging. What are those challenges? How are they overcome? Attend this presentation and hear the story of Valley View Town Hall. Located 600 kms north of Calgary, it is the first institutional Passive House building in Alberta.

Oscar Flechas

Oscar Flechas, Principal, Flechas Architecture

Oscar Flechas is an Architect with a broad range of experience in various sectors and on different scale projects. His firm, Flechas Architecture, is a progressive, small and young studio that uses simple and creative design solutions to produce innovative, environmentally and socially responsible results. He’s an early adopter of the Passive House standard, and his firm now strives to design buildings that meet or use the principles required by the standard in each of the projects. Passionate about low-energy and low carbon buildings for the future generations, Oscar is one of the few architects certified as Passive House Designer in Alberta and embraces most tools that encourage better building standards to help achieve greener buildings in Canada.


Thursday, November 9 • 10:00am–12:00pm • $65 • Tradeshow Floor

T08 – Disrupting the Building and Infrastructure Industry

[Building Performance, Energy Efficiency, & Environment; New Products, Technologies, Innovations & Materials; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Property Management; Facility Management & Building Maintenance; Business & Strategic Planning]

[ 2 AAA Structured LHs • 2 BOMI CPDs •2 General Hours IDCEC Approved ]

Technology is a double-edged sword bringing both opportunities and risks. A large portion of today’s jobs are expected to be obsolete. Start-up companies are disrupting heavily regulated industries worldwide. The building & infrastructure industry in North America has been slow to adopt innovative new technologies, but change is inevitable. Looking ahead, technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) will be integral to how we conduct business. Autonomous transportation, automated construction, vertical farming and quantum computing are poised to shake up the transportation, construction, agriculture, and financial industries. How can we leverage the rapid pace of innovation to stay ahead, and is now the right time to adopt new technologies?

Topics covered will include:

  • Emerging technology, trends and their implications
  • Technology and its effect on life and behaviors
  • Technology and its impact on building and infrastructure planning and projects

Being a technophile, Sunny has his finger on the pulse. He will share with you the key paradigm shifts he foresees occurring in the building and infrastructure industry. Attend this session to stay ahead of the curve!

Sunny Ghataurah

Sunny Ghataurah, President & CEO, AES Engineering

Sunny Ghataurah is President & CEO of AES Engineering, one of the largest electrical engineering firms in Western Canada. Sunny is an electrical engineer and lighting designer, licensed in BC, AB & Washington State, with more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry. His skills in designing electrical and architectural lighting systems have been applied to hundreds of buildings across many sectors, including healthcare, education, hospitality, civic, recreational, retail, corporate office, industrial and residential.

Sunny’s projects have won numerous awards including Awards of Merit from the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies British Columbia (ACEC-BC), and a Special Citation and an Award of Excellence for Interior Lighting Design from the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES). In 2014, Business in Vancouver honoured Sunny with a Top Forty under 40 Award.

A passionate pioneer of sustainable design, Sunny’s portfolio includes 100+ LEED projects, 3 Living Buildings and several renewable energy projects. Recognized as an industry thought leader, Sunny was invited to speak at the Alberta Electrical Inspectors Conference, BUILDEX Calgary, BUILDEX Edmonton, IES Edmonton and the Alberta Safety Codes Council.


Thursday, November 9 • 2:00pm–3:00pm • $45 • Tradeshow Floor

T19 – Give me the Green! The Financial Gains of Solar Energy

[Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Property Management; Facility Management & Building Maintenance]

[ 1 AAA Structured LH • 1 BOMI CPD ]

The recent announcement of provincial solar rebates for residential and commercial building owners and the drop in solar module prices means solar is often the lowest price electrical energy source for buildings.

In this presentation, the speaker will review solar regulation, electrical code requirements and installer qualifications for the Alberta market. The presentation will also look at how solar integrates with building architecture and electrical systems to deliver low cost renewable energy. Case studies of Alberta solar installations demonstrate real world examples of successful solar deployment. The Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) from solar compares to current retail delivered energy costs yielding a long-term cost savings for building owners.

David Kelly

David Kelly, CEO, SkyFire Energy Inc.

David Kelly, CEO, founder and partner at SkyFire Energy Inc has been in the solar industry since 2001. David received a Bachelor of Applied Science in mechanical engineering from the University of Waterloo. He is registered with APEGGA NAPEG and APEGBC. David is serving his fourth term on the CanSIA (Canadian Solar Industries Association) board, is currently Chair and serves on the board of SESA (Solar Energy Society of Alberta). David regularly lectures at SAIT, University of Calgary and at Engineering and Architecture firms throughout Alberta and BC. He has presented at conferences around the country and is passionate advocated for solar energy in Canada.

Married and a father of two, his home is partially powered by a 2kW grid-tied solar system and it uses solar thermal water heating. SkyFire Energy provides engineering and installation services throughout Western and Northern Canada.