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BUILDEX Calgary’s exclusive education stage featuring a daily lineup of engaging technical sessions speaking on energy efficiency, building code and renewable technologies.

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Wednesday, November 7 • 9:45am–10:45am • EB $40/REG $50 • PerformEX Stage on the Tradeshow

W06 – Big Data and the Built Environment

[Building Performance, Culture & Community, Innovation & Technology, Leadership & Business Improvement]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Technology can be used to make more informed design decision when it comes to the built environment. Focusing on Big Data, this presentation will expand on the science of data collection and analytics, profiling the importance of interconnectivity in the evolution of both our buildings and the urban realm.

Honing in on the value of building better and deeper data models, the speaker will explore the real economics of creating a Big Data system to assess and predict the effect of human movement and outside influences on municipal and building infrastructure and systems.

Attendees will walk away with a perspective on the real world of Big Data and predictive analytics, the application of virtual tools to enhance data analytics, and the potential these areas holds for the betterment of the physical environment. The speaker will also provide an update on the different technological innovations available to support this science.

Rory Armes

Rory Armes, CEO, Eight Solutions Inc.

Rory Armes, is the CEO of Eight Solutions Inc. (“Eight”), a technology company that combines art and science to deliver big data solutions in high growth industries. Eight, as the parent company to Cumul8 Technologies, specializes in technology, Big Data, and predictive analytics. Clients include leading Media & Entertainment studios located both in Hollywood and internationally, North America’s biggest forestry companies, and solution providers in Electrical Construction, Building Maintenance, and Waste Disposal Management.

As the former Senior Vice President of Electronic Arts Inc., Rory managed upwards of 1500+ staff studios and oversaw some of the world’s biggest and most successful video game franchises, including Need for Speed, FIFA, NBA, Harry Potter and NHL. He worked in England to help purchase and integrate large gaming studios responsible for the Burnout and Battlefield franchises.

Prior to joining EA, Rory was the cofounder and president of Radical Entertainment, a leading developer of interactive entertainment. He was also a leader with Distinctive Software Interactive, a company acquired by EA.

After a successful career both domestically and internationally, Rory returned to his roots and started Gener8, now Eight Solutions, which originally had its start in 2D to 3D conversion for blockbuster Hollywood films.

Rory with Gener8 developed a proprietary technology it calls G83D: a method of converting films to 3D that was previously thought too difficult and labor-intensive. To support the 3D conversion business, Rory also developed software tools to manage and transfer big data. He soon realized that this technology could quickly be applied beyond just entertainment borders.

Gener8 was sold and Rory founded Eight Solutions Inc. Witnessing the success behind the 3D conversion technology and recognizing a market opportunity, Eight Solutions has since become the parent company for Cumul8 Technologies, which provides data solutions across a varied industry scope.

Rory has over 25 years’ experience working with data across multiple industries and currently leads a team of gaming, media, and data science industry veterans, continuing to successfully provide disruptive solutions in high growth industries.

Wednesday, November 7 • 11:15am–12:15pm • EB $40/REG $50 • PerformEX Stage on the Tradeshow Floor

W11 – Building Envelope Horror Stories and Smart Solutions

[Building Performance, Innovation & Technology]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 HSW-Building Code Hour IDCEC Approved ]

This seminar will take in depth look at the problems faced by Calgary’s condominiums over the past few years. Problems that make Vancouver’s leaky condo crisis of the 90’s seem tame by comparison!

Attendees will gain valuable insights into the origins of the major issues affecting building envelopes and their ultimate impact on the structure of the buildings.

Attendees will learn about the process for investigation, evaluation of findings, recommendations and options for repairs as well as real case studies that look at the full gambit of the problem, including litigation, insurance, special assessments, and available financing options.

This presentation is well suited to professionals serving the condo industry, including lawyers, property managers, developers, contractors, building officials as well as condominium unit owners, as it’s the owner, ultimately, who must deal with the results of a system that has lead to these widespread problems.

Brian Shedden

Brian Shedden, Principal, Entuitive 

At Entuitive, Brian Shedden is a Principal in the Existing Buildings group, delivering assessment and restoration services for a broad range of project types. Leading a team of 15 professional engineers, architectural and engineering technologists in Alberta, Brian is recognized by both our clients and the industry as a leading expert in the field of Building Science.

With a career spanning over 35 years in the building construction and restoration industry, Brian provides consultation and design for residential and commercial buildings, condominiums, hospitals and long-term care facilities, schools and universities and cultural projects. His operational experience covers project delivery from start to finish: owner’s representative services; initial building condition assessments; and performance failure investigations; reserve fund studies; technical; audits; capital reserve planning; recommendations for restoration and renewal of building envelope systems; contract administration; project management; litigation support and expert witness services.

Wednesday, November 7 • 1:45pm–2:45pm • EB $40/REG $50 • The PerformEX Stage on the Tradeshow Floor

W19 – Next Generation District Energy Systems

[Building Performance, Culture & Community, Green, Innovation & Technology]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 HSW-Sustainability Hour IDCEC Approved ]

District energy systems are gaining momentum across North America. However, the traditional "heating Use of district energy systems is gaining momentum across North America. This trend, led by institutional campuses, such as universities or hospitals, and larger-scale commercial developments is being spurred by a wide variety of drivers ranging from performance improvements to existing steam or hot water networks, to more ambitious new systems targeting full transition to renewable and zero-carbon energy sources and technologies.

As the traditional approach to district energy “heating only” service no longer meets the current trends, needs and goals of our society, Integral Group has developed several innovative “next generation” district energy solutions. These systems not only provide both heating and cooling, but are flexible enough to accommodate to a multitude of “low-carbon” and “low-exergy” sources and energy conversion technologies. These “next generation” district energy systems are technically sound, have stellar environmental performance (some capable of achieving Net Zero Carbon), and are cost competitive.

This presentation outlines the approach and methodology Integral Group has developed and used successfully for next generation district energy systems. The speaker will illustrate these applications on several case studies of district energy projects currently in various stages of design and construction.

Vladimir Mikler

Vladimir Mikler, Prinicipal, Integral Group

Vladimir has a passion for designing energy-efficient and environmentally responsive buildings. With 30 years of experience, Vladimir is well-versed in all aspects of sustainable building design and renewable energy technologies. A recognized leader in application of Renewable Energy solutions and technologies, Vladimir has designed a number of unique and innovative systems, including the recent concept for converting Vancouver's downtown DFPs system into an ambient temperature District Energy System. He is the engineer who developed and coined the "Ambient Temperature" District Energy System concept, and was one of the first engineers who pioneered applications of low-intensity radiant slab heating and cooling systems in North America. Vladimir is one of the two original authors of the Geo-Exchange System Design Guidelines for applications in British Columbia.


Thursday, November 8 • 9:45am-10:45am • EB $40/REG $50 • PerformEX Stage on the Tradeshow Floor

T07 – Building Resilience for the Future Climate – Alberta Infrastructure’s Technical Design Requirements

[Building Performance, Culture & Community, Green, Health & Wellness]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 HSW-Sustainability Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Alberta Infrastructure (AI) develops and maintains industry guidelines and specifications to ensure the best possible outcome for capital projects. These guidelines, known as Technical Design Requirements (TDR), provide industry with a comprehensive framework for building efficiency, health, life cycle cost, and environmental sustainability.

With all Provinces and Territories working to build resilience to climate change, there has been question of whether the TDR will keep Alberta’s infrastructure resilient in the next gen. climate. To ensure the safety of all Albertans, AI has undertaken a study to better understand whether the TDR will hold up to future climate change impacts (hotter weather, changing precipitation patterns, increased frequency in severe weather events such as wildfires and flooding).

This seminar will present the findings of this study, expanding on the rigorous requirements that tested strong and true in ensuring the efficiency and resilience of public buildings. The presenters will also touch on the recommendations made to further improve the resilience of our building stock, including: using a project weather file to determine energy needs and corresponding design; increasing supports to achieve net zero by 2030; and enhancing measures to mitigate flood risk.

Anyone involved in the design, construction, and management of real estate will benefit from attending this seminar.

Alyssa Boisvert

Matt Grace

Alyssa Boisvert, Manager, Strategic Policy, Alberta Infrastructure
Matt Grace, President, Mission Green Building

Alyssa is a public policy professional and currently the manager of strategic policy for Alberta Infrastructure. She has experience leading and managing complex public policy initiatives in politically sensitive and driven environments. Alyssa began her career working in the non-profit sector, and moved into Government after completing her Master of Public Administration at the University of Victoria. Alyssa has been with Alberta Infrastructure since 2014.

Matt is a Chartered Environmentalist, a Professional Engineer, LEED AP and LEED Fellow. He has over 25 years of experience in sustainability in the built environment including energy efficiency, renewable energy and green building certification. Matt has expertise that is second to none when it comes to
managing projects. He has developed an in-depth understanding of sustainability, including the various existing rating systems.

Thursday, November 8 • 11:15am-12:15pm • EB $40/REG $50 • PerformEX Stage on the Tradeshow Floor

T11 – Passive House as a Road to Net Zero

[Building Performance, Green, Health & Wellness]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH ]

Around the world, policy makers and institutions have established targets for Net Zero building construction. But how do we get there? Space heating continues to comprise the majority of energy consumed by our buildings, despite gains in the efficiency of mechanical systems. Designing building envelopes that keep heat from escaping in the first place is the next step in significantly reducing energy consumption in buildings, in turn resulting in building energy demand that can more feasibly be met by renewables. The Passive House Standard provides a roadmap for this improvement.

Brenden David

Brenden David, P.Eng., CPHD, Project Engineer, Building Sciences, WSP

Brenden David graduated from the Civil Engineering program at University of Calgary’s Schulich School of Engineering. First focusing on materials testing and construction review, he found his way to the field of building science through restoration and repair projects with WSP in Vancouver. Passionate about sustainable design, building performance, and craftsmanship, Brenden was driven to focus on the Passive House Standard. He recently moved with WSP to Calgary where he continues to help clients maintain their building portfolios, while proceeding to take on more projects as a Certified Passive House Designer.

Thursday, November 8 • 1:00pm-2:00pm • EB $40/REG $50 • PerformEx Stage on the Tradeshow Floor

T17 – Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Smart Contracts – Unlocking Payment Potential

[Culture & Community, Innovation & Technology, Leadership & Business Improvement]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 AAA Structured LH • 1.0 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain that they are built upon is impacting the way we do business - it’s cutting out third party intermediaries, deconstructing global trade barriers, and drastically expediting transaction times. All of this while increasing market transparency.

This seminar will focus on the transformative effects these technologies will have on the construction industry. The speaker will focus on Smart Contracts and how they can help eliminate late payments. Furthermore, the speaker will also explore building an online economy around transacting on, sharing and storing our digital building information.

Kregg Fordyce

Kregg Fordyce, Owner, CEO, Arkilio

Kregg Fordyce is an Architect, Planner and entrepreneur located in Toronto. Kregg is President of KFA Architects and Planners founded in 2006. Kregg and the team at KFA are passionate about improving the building industry and believe one way to do so is by creating a new economy around building information, using cutting-edge technologies like blockchain. By harnessing the power of building information and allowing people to easily store it, transact on it and share it we can develop tools that will help us advance the industry dramatically. By tapping into his entrepreneurial self and utilizing his deep knowledge of the building industry Kregg cofounded a Toronto based startup company, Arkilio Inc. At Arkilio Kregg and his team are identifying pain points in the building industry using KFA and other friendly companies as test subjects and investigating technological solutions like blockchain to change the industry for the better, forever.